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Do you think think that the federal government should legalize internet fraud(yahoo yahoo


Kim Kardashian west kills with her “corn rows”

Kim Kardashian debuted a new blonde corn row hairstyle which didn’t go well with fans

We all know Kim Kardashian “37” mother of three just posted a picture of her new corn rows ,she posed on her instagram page wearing a small white thong underneath a large fur coat and baring her breasts in one racy snap

In the caption of one of these images she likened her hairstyle to that of Bo Derek ,the actress who wore the same similar hair style in the 1979 movie ’10’

What are the controversy surrounding Kim Kardashian’s cornrows

Kim Kardashian has been slammed by followers who have accused her cultural appropriation and racism, even Lindsay Lohan got it on debate one social media user wrote “first of all, f*** you @ Kim Kardashian for wearing cornrows and calling them “Boderrrick” braids second of all f*** you for giving Credit to a white woman for the creation of “Boderrick” braids who was culturally appropriating cornrows to being with

Actress Lindsay Lohan commented saying she was “confused” by Kim’s new look .

But Kim -who has posted a series of near nude images that shows off her new hairstyle snapped back and said: “you know what is confusing……your sudden foreing accent (sic)”

Kim Kardashian west kimoji perfumes for Valentine

Will you like kkw fragrance in BFF, Ride or Die,Bae

The notes for the scent Bae just got out of Kardashian west instagram page, it smells like a fruity sweet scent with open notes ofmandarin,bergamot and kiwi the heart is Jasmine sambac ,Gardinia blossom and coconut water The dry down is vallina ,sandalwood,and musk

Original :kim Kardashian west shattered sales record with the drop of three crystal themed perfumes under her kkw fragrance brand late last year. It is no surprise then that the beauty mogul is back for more,this time with a Valentine’s Day-themed Limited edition collection of kimoji Heart fragrances.meet Bae, Ride or die,and Bff

We’ll update this post when we get the scent of the remaining two perfumes

2018 fashion trends

2018 fashion trends

It’s no longer news that each coming year has its own fashion statement which often captivates the trend for that Year. Looking back at 2017 trends, its to say the tassel earrings, off shoulder tops, ripped jeans, ankara combos, allured almost every ladies wardrobe. However cues from global fashion industries are posting different landscape of fashion trends in 2018, so, to adequately prepare your wardrobe shopping for the year check out the 2018 fashion trends that are predicted to swipe off 2018 fashion style.

Balloon sleeves

Be assured that voluminous sleeves which started making waves at the end of 2017 will keep alluring fashion styles in 2018 these sleeves which are super sized, gives a feeling of the 19th century improvised on any material of your choice balloon sleeves colourful mashed up prints in 2017 colours were played with but it is predicted that 2018 will have abundance of floral print in a range of bold and bright colours to rock this look, find pieces that share similar colour tones colourful mashed up prints.

ultra violet is 2018 colour make sure what you shop for goes with purple. Hue is predicted to saturate everywhere in 2018 according to pantone press release ultra violet is “an enchanting purple shade that offers designers versatility of expression “,and has been named 2018’s colour of the year.

Diwali festival (the great India festival )

Diwali festival (india great festival)

In India diwali is one of those celebrated festival, it is filled with lots of excitement ,happiness, positivity and celebration over good and bad .it is a five days long festival where friends, family and loved ones gather together for a joyful celebration of decorated homes and illuminate homes to eradicate darkness from everywhere .as diwali is usually celebrated on “Amavasya ” which means no moon day it is hearld by the Indians as a new year as per their hindu calendar.

Diwali signifies different meaning because it is the grand celebration of the Indians .it is the day of celebrating lord Rams victory over devil king Raavan.Diwali is the auspicious day Lakshmi Ganesha puja.so there is lot of signifies the cheerful festival of Diwali such as :


It is said that Diwali is celebrated on the account of lord Rama’s win and return to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile .infact lighting and decoration of home is done actually to signify welcome of lord Rama’s.the tales of Ramayan depicts all in details.

Laxmi Ganesh puja:

Like the importance of Ramayan in the celebration of Diwali ,Laxmi Ganesha puja is also of great importance on Diwali .it has been believed by the Indians that by worshipping goddess laxmi and lord Ganesh is the way of respecting God and getting blessed healthy,wealthy and happy life.

How i met my first love(love at first sight)

How i met my first love (love at first sight)

IN everyones life there is a wonderful experience .one of those experiences is usually the first love. My first love was dazzling yet aching. Each time I try to go back to those memories my eyes are filled with tears .i feel like I could have done much better .my story began four years ago when I was only twelve years of age. I was young and immatured.i thought there was no heart break in the world.

It was a good Sunday when I first saw her her blue eyes like the ocean made my heart skip a beat for I have never seen anything so breathtaking. Her skin was golden like the sun and her hair a shady black .the first moment when we saw each other it was like our world came together. I can still hear my heart throbbing in my chest as her eyes landed on me in that small room we stared at each other as she made her way to seat in front of me and a smile flickered on her lips to seal the moment

It took a year before I could talk to him,we became best friends nothing more, nothing I ever wanted her life was mine ,she was my world and didn’t know, everyone would always say that we had something together but she would only laugh ,because she never noticed how I shattered everytime she noticed some else, but what really hurt me was when she broke the news that she was leaving and might never come back .

Years past and I never heard from her and because of that feelings vanished along with her but there were still memories hurting me ,for what I once felt for her now she is back ,it her that looks for me it ,is her who wants my lips after our first kiss .

My love for her is like the ocean which never runs dry ,her name is now carved in my soul for she is part of who I am

Top 7 Nigerian Albums of 2017 so far

2017 Has been such a wonderful year but after the exhausting stretch of the

Ember months the first quarter of the year is usually slow in terms of music release. I understand that you busy people I might have not been able to listen to most of the music that makes you feel happy.we have listened to them on your behalf and here are top 7 9ja albums so far

Daramola”the last time I tried “

Jidenna”the chief”

Mr Eazi “Accra To Lagos”


Legendary Beatz”Afro pop 101″

Bankyonthebeatz”fuego senoras”

Cobhams Asuquo”for you “

And here are the top 7 Nigerian Albums so far

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